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Never say "I can't".  When you want something you've never had, you have to do somethingyou've never done.  Push your limits!
Paul Rabil workout

The Master!
From Paul Rabil. Watch and learn fellas!  He's the best.
In this STX training video, top pros Brendan Mundorf and Joe Walters discuss how to work off the ball, including Off-Ball picks, pick with "fade", sealing off when defenders play sides, the slip after pick. 
The US Lacrosse Board of Directors voted Saturday to approve age-appropriate, national playing rules for youth boys' lacrosse and youth girls' lacrosse.  Read article here: http://www.laxpower.com/laxnews/news.php?story=26019 
Joe Cinosky is one of my favorite defenseman.  In this video he provides some great instruction for playing your man from behind: http://youtu.be/xjRV1tinZ_I

Many Full Force player will soon be attending tryouts for Summer 2012 elite lacrosse teams.  I am constantly approached with questions about these tryouts - why they are so expensive, what are my son's chances of making the team or why didn't he make the team, how are players selected, etc.  With these questions and issues in mind I was asked by the fantastic website Lacrosse AllStars (www.laxallstars.com) to write an article that tries to explain how these tryouts operate. I think (hope!) the article will give everyone some insight into the "hows" and "whys" of these elite team tryouts that your sons partake in.  The article went global online yesterday and can be accessed here: http://laxallstars.com/elite-team-tryouts-harsh-reality-with-a-silver-lining/

- Barry 

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